Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thought being roomies with Erin would be a good thing...

After driving 3 hours from Delphi back to Athens, the bus driver tells us that our hotel is on a narrow street, so he is not able to take us all the way to the door. Instead, his plan is to stop in the middle of a busy street and block all traffic. So that's exactly what we began to do, except that a policeman came and blew his whistle at us, so only a few girls were able to get off. The driver then resorted to circling around the whole block and trying again. This time, the rest of us girls file out as quickly as possible. Once out, we then had to stand in the middle of the street trying to unload all of our luggage and pass it down like an assembly line. It was quite the sight to see! Right as we finished unloading, the same policeman came back and started yelling at the driver in Greek. I don't speak Greek, but I can tell you he wasn't saying very nice things...

We then walked to our hotel and found out our roommates. Drum roll please.... ERIN AUSTIN KREINDLER! When we got to our room, we saw it was the nicest hotel we have stayed in! There is air conditioning, a nice BIG shower, and a fridge (not that we are going to use it...)! There is one weird thing about the hotel though, in order to have electricity, we have to put our room key (we only have 1) in a little slot. If you remove the key, then the lights stay on for about 5 minutes before shutting off. (This is important later on...) After settling in, we walked to a little cafe down the street for lunch. It was an interesting lunch to say the least... men were staring and making comments that we obviously couldn't understand. I felt like a piece of meat... Oh, speaking of meat. Ms. Hartman and Ms. Cannon thought it would be fun to walk through a meat market. "Fun" is not the word I would use... How about: disgusting, disgusting, and disgusting. Not only were we grossed out about the pigs hanging by their feet, but also by the men that were acting like pigs. We had had enough of the meat market, so we did a little shopping instead! The perks of being with Holly and Carly (yes, that's right, i am on a first name basis with them)!

At about 4:00 we met up with the other group of girls that were with Carolyn and David, and we made our way to the Acropolis. It was very cool, I have to say, except there were stairs. I feel like everywhere I turn it's just stairs stairs stairs. I guess thats how all these Greeks and Italians stay so skinny. When the park was closing and they began to kick us out, we found it was the perfect time to go shopping... again!  It is interesting here, all the store owners try to lure us into their store (which pretty much always works on me), and then they won't let us leave without buying something, so they cut us deals (which I always take).

For dinner, we had a reservation at 8:00 at a traditional Greek restaurant. Not only was the food phenomenal, but so were the dancers! The professional dancer that is. The drunk Australian girls trying to dance with them was more embarrassing than anything. But hey, whatever makes their pink socks purple!

Around 10:45 we got back to our hotel. Ms. Hartman told us she was leaving the next morning to go home due to a family emergency. We were sad to see her leave and knew it just wouldn't be the same without her here with us.

Lights out were supposed to be at 11:30, giving Erin and I only 45 minutes to shower and get ready for bed and blog and and and... So being the nice friend Erin is, she said I could shower first. While I am in the shower (which was GREAT since there was hot water and water pressure), I hear Erin talking to Callie. Then I hear Erin laughing and the door slam. Immediately, I knew what had just happened: she left and took the room key with her, meaning I had 5 minutes to finish up my shower. When I was washing the conditioner out of my hair, the lights turned off. Scary for me because I may or may not be afraid of the dark. I hurry out of the shower, hoping and praying I won't run into anything, and barge out into the hallway in my towel YELLING for Erin. Mr. Kreinder, this is strike 2. Erin comes up the stairs dying laughing with Ms. Hartman. They found the whole situation just hilarious. Me, not so much...

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