Monday, June 20, 2011

Claire takes a tumble

To start off, Happy Fathers Day to the best dad in the world! I love you, Daddy, and I hope you and Troy had a wonderful trip!

As you may know, today was a travel day. We were on the road by 9:00 and were sad to have to leave our nice, clean hotel. The leaders had told us it was a 3 hour drive from Athens to Nafplio. I fell asleep within 20 minutes of getting on the bus, but when we stopped half-way there for a bathroom break, I woke up totally confused. When I opened my eyes, I saw what looked like a blue beach umbrella. For some odd reason, it looked like a water park, so I thought we were stopping to cool off and go on some slides! Unfortunately not… After only another hour of driving (totally only 2.5 hours, which was upsetting considering I wanted to nap longer), we arrived at our hotel in Nafplio. It’s called Hotel Nafplia…original, right? Immediately, we found out our roommates. Mine are Claire and Madeline! In other words, we have the best room ever!

We had a little down time to work on our pictures and blog (which I didn’t do till now… oops), and then we went out for lunch at a cute, modern restaurant just down the street from our hotel. Since we were all starving, when we were waiting for our food it felt like an eternity. Once we finally got our food, we inhaled it so quickly that we felt sick afterwards.

I’m pretty sure that David is confused by us. We are always starving, and then after we eat we are so exhausted that we want to nap, but we are never too tired to shop! If he had sisters he would understand a little better…

When we were finished with lunch, we had time to wander around Nafplio. Madeline and I walked by the water and shopped a little, missing our third roomie, Claire. Claire had a little accident… While walking back to the hotel she tripped over a nail and cut her knee. It turned out that rocks were in her knee (pretty deep apparently), so the leaders took her to the hospital where she had to get stitches! Only 2, but still! Poor, Claire. Tomorrow we are hiking to a castle. According to the travel guide, it is 999 stairs. Sounds fun, right? Maybe Claire will get out of it… so not fair.

At 5:00 we met back at the hotel to rest some more. At 7:30 we went to dinner on our own. I went with Claire, Erin, and Madeline. There was a church right next to the restaurant we were eating at, and there was a wedding going on. Weddings here are much different than in the states… or at least this one was. After eating, we met back up to go see a performance… I’m not exactly sure how to describe the performance. It was called a whirling dervish. Google it if you want to know what it is…

Lights out was supposed to be early (12:30 for our room, so not so early) in order to be rested for our big hike! 

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