Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My blog is back!

You may be confused by the title if you don't know the story. So here's the story. Last night my mama texted me asking where my blog was. At first I thought she just meant a new post since it had been a while, but then I went to check and it said there was suspicious activity, so google decided to delete my blog. Annoying. Very annoying. Being tired and impatient, I gave up and went to bed. Well, kinda... I got in bed, but I sat there venting to my roomies. Sorry, Maddie and Claire. Actually, I shouldn't apologize. Instead of trying to comfort me like I expected them to, they decided to make jokes about it which didn't help. At all. Today after another long day, I went back to check on my blog, and it miraculously reappeared!! Now all the girls on the trip think I made it all up for attention... how'd they know? (sarcasm if you can't tell)

On Monday, we had our hike. Technically it's not a hike... It's more of a climb since all we did was walk up stairs. But there were a lot of stairs. 999 according the National Geographic Travel Guide. Shockingly, all 13 girls made it to the top in 31 minutes and 35 seconds (yes, I timed it). I will admit I was huffing and puffing all the way up, but once I was at the top, it was pretty spectacular. At the top was an old castle. Callie and I went off to explore (and get coffee). While exploring, we saw the prison and a bunch of other rooms (which I can't name...oops). It doesn't sound that cool, but it was entirely stone and it was huge. I am pretty sure that if I lived there I would always be lost.

After the hike, we went to lunch and then the beach! But first, we had time to shower. David didn't understand why we would want to shower before going to the beach. Once again, if he had sisters he would understand.

For lunch, we split into small groups. In my group was Madeline, Claire, Erin, Stephanie, and Rachel. Pretty much the same group every time... When we were finished eating, we had extra time to shop, so we walked around town for a little bit before going back to the hotel. Once everyone was back from lunch, we went to the beach!

We were all ecstatic to be going to the beach, but when we got there there was no sad... It was rocks. On the plus side, sand didn't get on our stuff, but on the down side, it's very uncomfortable to lie on rocks. But beggers can't be choosy! We were happy to be relaxing near the water and tanning. We were at the beach for about 3 hours before it was time to go to dinner. Honestly, I feel like all I have done on this trip is eat and eat and eat. We do walk a lot, so hopefully I walk off most of what I eat.

For dinner last night, we went to dinner as a group. Even though dinner takes 3 times longer with such a big group, I kind of like being all together. Last night was comical for me. Apparently, Madeline was counting how many pieces of bread I was eating because she didn't want to eat more then everyone else. We eat a lot of bread every night, but last night we ate more than usual. I guess it was because Maddie and I made a dangerous decision by ordering garlic sauce. Very dangerous. It was delicious. Also at dinner, I started to walk inside to go to the bathroom (we were eating outside obviously), and one of the waiters said, "May I help you?" I responded with "Restroom?" (also known as water closet here). He said: "Actually, we don't have one. You can use the one in the coffee shop right next door." I smiled and said "Okay!" and began to walk over there. He started laughing at me and said he was kidding. 1) I felt stupid. 2) I didn't know Greeks had such a sense of humor...

Once we were done eating, the leaders gave us another assignment. This one was dealing with our ISO. It was about 8:30 and hey wanted us to walk around for an our before going back to the hotel. Maddie, Claire, and I were exhausted from being out in the sun all day, so we went back to the hotel a tad bit early. That's when I realized that my blog had disappeared, and I decided to go to bed instead of dealing with it. I thought about blogging about it, but.... 

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