Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Livin' Like Lizzie (McGuire that is...)

Yesterday, we were up at 5am (waaay too early for me) to go to Rome. To get there, we had to take a bus and a train. I have definitely gotten used to the whole train thing…ehh. It’s not as exciting anymore. Obviously there was a lot to do and see in Rome, but we couldn’t fit it all into one day. So first we went to the Coliseum. I remember reading Caesar this past year in English and hating it, but when I look back and remember the dates, it is quite impressive to see something that is almost 2,000 years old to still be standing.

After walking around the Coliseum for a little while we went to the forum. At this point my feet we killing me and my stomach was growling, so when David and Carolyn gave us an assignment, Erin and I went off to sit on a rock and took all our pictures from there. They probably weren’t the best (actually, I can assure you they weren’t the best), but it passed the time. Then it was finally time to eat…nom nom nom. Once again, our lunch was nothing fancy. We had about 4 things to choose from, but like always, we managed.

After breaking for lunch we exchanged our money so we could shop…but not quite yet. First we went to the Trevi Fountain. It was gorgeous and very crowded. And honestly, it wasn’t exactly what I imagined. I’m not sure exactly what I did imagine… I enjoyed it though! There were tons of young children putting their hands in the water, and it was a great photo opportunity.

From the Trevi we went to the Pantheon. We were there for only about half an hour, so I didn’t have enough time to take in all the gorgeous architecture. I can’t think of any other words to describe it. It was a huge dome with sunlight shining in. All I could do was stare (and take picture of course).

We went to the Spanish Steps after visiting the Pantheon. On our way to the steps, a few of us girls stopped at some of the shops. How could we not? We are girls dying to shop in Italy! Mama, I bought you a little something, don’t worry. I’m not spending all your money on me. Massimo even told us that the steps don’t really have any significance, but I loved just seeing all the different type of people and all the different activities in which they we partaking.

When our long day, we headed to the train station to head back to Florence. Not to worry, we ate at the train station. Lemme tell you, after that meal (if it’s even considered a mean…), we were all dying for a sit-down dinner. Maybe we would get lucky the next day…

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