Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Staying hydrated on Hydra

Today, we were up earlyish to got to an island called Hydra for the day. To get there, we had an hour and a half bus drive to catch a ferry. The ferry was only about 20 minutes to Hydra. Right when we got there, Madeline, Claire, and I posed for a picture, when the wind blew Maddie's floppy hat right off her head. It looked like a scene from a movie. After staring at the hat in the water for a good 10 minutes, a man on a boat fished it out with a hook. He was no Costas (from Sisterhood, duh), but he was very sweet.

We were given another assignment on the island. Our assignment was to take portraits. I enjoy taking pictures of people, but I sometimes find it awkward trying to snap pictures of them without them noticing... Thankfully, Claire had no problem asking all the people whether they were okay with us taking pictures of them. One of the portraits I took was of a very cute Greek boy. Now he looked like Costas. Looking back at our pictures, Maddie and I realized we were too distracted by his good looks to get a good picture of him... oops.

We wandered around the little town on Hydra for a couple hours before meeting to go to lunch as a group. After lunch, we went to the beach!! Once again, it wasn't a beach with sand, but by now we are used to it. We got to tan for a good 4 hours, and got to jump off a cliff! Well, technically it was a platform, not a cliff. The cliff was too dangerous to jump off, so we settled for the platform. I was afraid the water was cold, so I decided to tan for the whole 4 hours. It was fabulous. I got a nap in and everything.

David was stressing about being on time for the ferry since it was the last one of the day. Me, on the other hand, wanted to purposely miss the ferry so we got to stay longer on Hydra (and possibly go back to see my Costas)! Unfortunately, the night did not end that way. We did catch the ferry and we did make it back to Nafplio. Because it was so windy, the ferry ride was a bit rocky... Having bad experiences on boats, I wasn't too fond of the rocking. Luckily, I kept my food down. Then we got on the bus... Usually I fall asleep instantly and waking up freezing. Well not today. Today I was burning up and was incapable of falling asleep due to our horrible driver and the winding roads. There were about 5 of us that felt sick the whole ride home. Not to worry, Callie had a plastic bag for us! Once again, we ended up not needing it, thank goodness!

When we arrived back in Nafplio, we went out for dinner immediately. Mother Erin made sure we all drank a big glass of water to stay hydrated before drinking a soda. Mr. Kreindler, you taught your daughter well. Except, Maddie and I really wanted to drink our Diet Cokes (which are called Coca Cola Light here), so we chugged our water. Not a smart idea. Oh well. Everything turned out fine. Our food came quickly, and we inhaled it quickly as well. After dinner we headed back to the hotel and had 20 minutes to shower before we had to be in the lobby to blog and upload pictures.

Everyone finished at different times, so when I was done I went up to my room to blog some more (it was too hot in the lobby to blog). When Claire came upstairs, she changed the gauze on her stitches. It was gross. Very gross. David seemed to find it cool. Make sense since he's a boy.

Tomorrow is our last day. I am sad to be leaving such a beautiful place, but I am ready to be home in my own bed. Carolyn and David announced that breakfast is at 9:00 tomorrow morning!! That means we get to sleep in! Hence why I am awake at such an ungodly (not really) hour.

I guess since our last day is tomorrow, my last post will tomorrow too. That means I have to make it a good one. Pressure.... 

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