Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nap time(s)

Day 2 in Athens. We had a late start, which was perfectly fine with me. After eating breakfast, we had down-time to work on our blog and such. It wasn't until about 11:00 when we finally got going. We went straight to the archaeology museum (apparently it is the best in the world...). Carolyn and David gave us an assignment to find an object that stood out to us and take 10 pictures of it from different angles. After finishing my assignment, I found some other girls in my group sitting on a bench, so I joined them. For about 30 minutes, 5 of us girls sat around dozing off. I feel bad looking back on it, but I couldn't help it...I was exhausted!

Carolyn and David could tell we were tired (and hungry), so we went to eat at a little cafe. For lunch I had a pork gyro, which is exactly like a pita at Smoothie Island. I have to say, I may like the ones at home better...

After getting some food for energy, we went to another museum. I'm not one for museums, so once again, I wandered for a little while, but for the rest of the time I sat in a chair just looking from there. Thankfully we were only at the museum for 20 minutes.

On our way back to the hotel from the museum, we stopped to see the changing of the guards. It was really cool, and much different from the one in D.C. It lasted a good 15 minutes, and it also served as a good photo opportunity.

We continued on our way back to the hotel after seeing the guards, and arrived there around 4:00. For about 2 hours, we had time to blog, upload pictures, and work on our books. Well, I decided to nap. For some reason, today was such a long day, and yet we barely did anything.

That little nap helped me. A lot, actually. Around 6:30 we went back out to shop and have dinner (and take pictures, of course). At dinner, we all sang happy birthday to Caroline since it is her 16th birthday today! The birthday celebration had to continue, so we decided to make her a little present. We split into 2 big groups and went up to random people asking them to say "Happy Birthday, Caroline" into the camera. We told them that if they said it in a language other than English we get bonus points. Which is true. When we would ask them to say happy birthday, we also asked them to complete the sentence, so we gave them sentences like: The craziest thing I did when I was 16 was.... The present I wanted most when I was 16 was.... Going from person to person and hearing all their ridiculous answers was quite entertaining!

When we got back to our hotel it was 11:00, so we did not have time to watch all the videos and decide which team won. Tomorrow is another travel day... I make it sound like I don't like travel days but the truth is, I love them! It's a perfect time to nap. For those that are awake, it has been decided that we will watch the videos on the 3 hour bus drive to Nafplio. I am so excited for Nafplio!! I am hoping and praying that we will have time to tan on the beach and relax a lot. With Ms. Canon with us, I'm sure she will convince Carolyn and David...

By the way, I am sorry for the lack of pictures. Every night I try to upload pictures, but it won't let me. We haven't had the best wifi while we have been here, so that may be why. I promise, you will all see my pictures one day!

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