Thursday, June 9, 2011

Is it time yet?

For those who know me well, you are probably aware that I am capable of sleeping 'til noon (or later) in any type of environment: lights shining, music blaring, dogs barking.... This morning I had my alarm set for 9:00AM (my alarm being my mom), but instead of refusing to get up and out of bed, I found myself wide awake at 8:30 with no alarm... Not normal. My dad can testify. From this you can gather than I am either (a) excited (b) nervous (c) anxious (d) all of the above. The answer is d.
I have a lot to be excited about: walking the street of Italy and Greece for the first time, getting to spend 2 weeks with some of my good friends, having the opportunity to be taught by a National Geogaphic Photographer...
Luckily, I am not nervous about as many things as I am excited, but I do have thousands of questions running through my head: What if my bag gets lost on the way there? What if I get pickpocketed? What if I get separated from my group?
Most of all I am anxious. I want to be there already! I want to be eating gelato in Italy and riding donkeys in Greece! Not to worry, I will be sure to get a picutre of that!

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